Natural and delicate materials require special kind of care.

Our clothes are made of carefully selected yarns that offer your baby the ultimate comfort.
To maintain its properties and endurance, we’ve got 5 easy tips how to take care of your Mille treasures.
  • Rule number 1? Wash less.

    Pieces made of merino wool don’t require to be washed that often. It’s better to give them a little bit of air!

    Since the material is antibacterial and does not absorb odor, there’s no need to wash our clothes and blankets before you use them for the first time. Try handheld steamer for effective refreshment.

    Try getting rid of smaller stains manually, using water. If you’re planning to tuck your merino gems into the closet for a long period, that’s when it’s worth giving them a proper wash – this will protect them from moths.

  • Woolen products need a handwash.

    Wash merino wool in a bowl filled with cold water.

    Forget the powder, stain removers or emollients. This ritual only requires a delicate kids’ shampoo. Remember that clothes or blankets made of natural fibers don’t like to be rubbed or twisted as these strong movements can damage their structure.

    To nourish the wool, use trusted Delicate Wash with lanolin available in our store.

  • Lay flat to dry.

    Avoid drying woolen pieces vertically, on heaters or in the sun. After the wash, dry the product gently (do not twist!) on a cotton towel. Form its shape and leave on a different cotton towel to fully dry. After a few hours, turn the product on the other side to accelerate the process. Remember that wool will straighten itself naturally as you wear it so there’s no need to iron it.

  • Pilling is okay!

    Pilling is a natural feature of merino wool. It actually means that the material was produced without using any chemicals. A simple solution to this small imperfection is a fabric shaver. After one or two thorough shaves, the pilling should stop for good.

  • Please note.

    A hand wash program or a gentle program is not a wool program. Wrong temperature of the water used by the washing machine for rinsing may lead to shrinkage and felting of the knitted fabric. It is important that your washing machine is checked as we cannot be held responsible for any errors.