Hand-knitted gems

Our pride – hand-knitted clothing – is created in Masuria and now also in other parts of Poland with women who have fled from Ukraine. We are immensely grateful to our talented knitters for their craftsmanship and knowledge of traditional knitting methods.

Craftswomen but first and foremost – mothers and grandmothers who know how important it is to surround your baby with comfort and a sense of cosiness. Many of your orders get delivered to you straight from these amazing women. Freshly woven, still warm – wrapped into eco-friendly packaging and the good energy of female artists who continue to share their experience and love of local crafts.

25 000 skeins, countless hours of work and a lot of love

Our knitted goodness comes to life with precision and devotion. To create one pullover or cardigan, it takes 3 to 4 days of handwork of one of our knitters. A pompom hat takes one and a half day to make while our signature Popcorn blanket equals as much as 5 days of careful crochet work.